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Breakaway Products Info

With our first DUB-breakaway pins developed in 1995, DCD has been in the business of designing and manufacturing breakaway products for 20 years. Along the way, we've been improving, refining and expanding our line of fusible links, including breakaway connectors, breakaway swivels and associated products.

Over the years, our manufacturing method for these products has been refined to offer an accurate performance in a cost effective product. We've made design improvements to make the product fit more applications and various environments around the world, and we strive daily to improve our product and expand our range to meet your breakaway linkage requirements.

Our breakaway product is used in various industries and environments:

  • HDD underground directional drilling, equipment protection
  • Underground cable and gas line installation, polyethylene and fiber product protection
  • Airport safety equipment
  • Overhead and airlift cable installation
  • Vehicular towing
  • Marine environment and underwater applications
  • Environmental agencies in outdoor permanent or semi-permanent applications

Over the years, our breakaway line has expanded significantly and can be grouped into the following areas:

  • Breakaway connectors and swivels ranging from 15lbs to 200lbs
  • Breakaway connectors and swivels ranging from 200lbs to 12,500lbs
  • Breakaway connectors ranging from 3,000 to 45,000lbs

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