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DCD Design & Manufacturing Breakaway Products have found a home through a variety of applications in the Marine industry. Just one load detaching Swivel or Connector can protect your cable from overload under high or low tension.

Tidal Power

Tidal Power is a new technology used to generate clean energy, using the ocean tide. Similar to a Wind Turbine, an incoming tide puts pressure on an underground turbine, forcing it to rotate and thus generating ‘energy’. This energy is transported through a long length of Fiber Optic cable. A linking connector Breakaway Swivel is used to connect Fiber Optic Cabling to the turbine to minimize damage and keep the cable intact in case of tearing or added pressure on the line.


Wire Breakaway Connectors are used with hydrophones for seismic and/or SONAR applications. Hydrophones, used for recording ocean sounds, are lowered into the ocean with Fiber Optic Cable. A fragment linking Breakaway Connector should be attached to protect the cable if the hydrophone unit gets caught on an object below. Failing to do so may result in wearing or damage to the cable, resulting in costly repairs. DCD Wire Breakaway Connectors are now available with the lowest breakaway points in the industry. DCD is the only manufacturer able to tailor the size and load capacity of a Breakaway Swivel or Connector to your needs.

Benefits of Working with a DCD Breakaway Product

Reduced Down Time: A Breakaway Connector/Swivel prevents cable or pipe from breaking under extreme tension. Instead, the Connectors wires or pins will tear apart, keeping your equipment intact.

Reduced Costs: Structured cabling is costly to repair or to replace. DCD Breakaway Connectors require only that you replace the wire or pins that snap during the break.

Reliability: All DCD products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house in North America, and exceed the highest of industry standards (ISO 9001).

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