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The US Navy is well known for its dedication, quality, and commitment in their work. They found similar attributes with the DCD Breakaway connector.

The DCD Design Breakaway connector is useful in Minesweeping, an activity done regularly by the Navy to dispose of new and old underwater mines. Sweeping Proper, one method of disposing of these mines, is done by deploying a cable into the ocean to the mines location. This cable has a tool used to cut the chain holding the mine in place, thus bringing the mine to the surface to be destroyed. A Breakaway Connector is used as a precautionary measure in the case of tearing or breaking of the cable.

The Breakaway connector is best placed on the Sweep Wires at the location of the Depressor. DCD Breakaway Connectors can reach break loads of up to 45,000 lbs. with the proper combination of pins.

DCD Breakaway swivels are well suited for both ship and aircraft Minesweeping. Breakaway connectors are ideal for Aircraft towing a Minesweeping Sled. In the case of an unexpected tide or wind, the cable tension could increase to the point of breaking. Breakaway Connectors eliminate cable damage, allowing the brave men and women of the Navy to continue in their work.

Benefits of Working with a DCD Breakaway Product

Reliability: DCD Products are made to the highest manufacturing standards (ISO 9001) to perform best.

Waterproof: DCD Swivels have been used completely submerged in salt water for years at a time. When they are pulled out, there’s no damage to the seals or pins.

Reduced Down Time: When increased tension occurs on your cable, the Breakaway Product will release, breaking its pins, but keeping your cable intact. Simply re-attach the cable and continue working. Replacing the Pins is required to continue using the Breakaway Product. Breakaway Pin Kits are sold containing 5 to 10 pins depending on the connector series.

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