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Environmental elements have been attributing to the damage of safety nets at school, baseball fields, driving ranges, and railway lines to name a few. Severe weather systems that can result in wind, snow, and ice storms can cause stressful conditions and overburden that can cause the expensive safety nets to become damaged and ultimately obsolete.

With the addition of DCD Design detaching connectors to the safety net’s anchor lines, the lines will detach at the joints when unmanageable levels of weather elements are present, thus relieving the safety net from the subjected stresses.


Kris from Amec Foster Wheeler, Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. found an interesting application for our Wire Breakaway Swivel, involving the installation of several Weirs in a storm drain system to prevent property damages from potential clogged storage drains. Kris had this to say about our breakaway swivels:

"Engineers became concerned about flooding after an unusual summer storm last year caused quite a bit of property damage (clogged storm drains) and asked us to make the weirs so that if a storm event did occur they would break away. It’s a bit tricky and requires a ton of welding aluminum but [00551 series Wire Breakaway Swivel] works great."

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Benefits of Working with a DCD Breakaway Product

Increased Safety: By reducing potential damage to the safety nets, the nets are able to fully preform their purpose of preventing a person(s) or object from being subjected to a stray ball or debris.

Cost Benefit: Using replaceable DCD steel pins from a breakaway kit provides the customer with the luxury of a quick and cost effective replacement of only the steel pins, rather than completely replacing the expensive cable or various other types of lines being used.

Diversity: Upon detachment, simply replace the pins and reconnect at the joint.

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