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Aerial Applications

The Breakaway Swivels and Connectors have applications across many industries, but were originally designed for installing aerial inserts in the telecommunications industry. DCD Design & Manufacturing has been considered an expert in the Aerial Cable Installation industry for over 25 years. Our Wire Breakaway Connectors are designed to have the smallest breaking point in the industry to protect delicate cable or gas ducting.

Breakaway connectors are used typically during the initial installation of aerial cable to minimize the risk of damaging the cable. Ideally, a Breakaway product will be used when spooling or lashing cable and installing aerial insert wire. However the products are also viable in locations with harsh weather conditions. Such conditions, including wind and snow, can tear or wear down cables or netting over time. By introducing a Breakaway product into this system permanently will speed up repairs and reduce damage to fiber cable.

Underground Applications

DCD Breakaway Products are used during the installation process of underground Fiber Optics, as this is where severe cable load is likely to occur. These independent linking swivels are designed to fit the needs of underground cable installation, from installation through Duct to Horizontal Drilling. They are used by industry technicians as a failsafe to prevent cable or wire from catching and tearing on debris or uneven duct surfaces. Typically, this may result in torn cables due to excessive overload. DCD Breakaway Swivels eliminate this risk without impacting the cables mobility. The swivel gives benefits beyond protecting cable and equipment in that it provides the cable full 360 degree movement.

Benefits of Working with a DCD Breakaway Product

Cost Savings: The installment of a DCD Design breakaway product can help reduce timely repair times and expensive replacement lines, ultimately saving you money.

Diversity/Durability: These DCD linking connectors can be used in multiple areas of the job. Whether it be aerial or underground, DCD’s connectors will provide the ultimate protection for your expensive equipment.

Mobility: A Breakaway Swivel will provide 360 degree mobility, which prevents the line from becoming tangled and stressed, allowing the line to preserve its strength and integrity.

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