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Through the use of our Breakaway linkage technology, we have been able to expand our product reach into parts of the aviation industry. Helicopters are often used in the transportation of equipment and cargo into various industrial camps, the transportation of logs from forestry sites, and as part of aerial firefighting and rescue. With the use of DCD Design breakaway products, we are able to help increase the highly valued level of safety to the pilots and their passengers.

By chance, while the pilots are preforming their respective duties and their transportation cable becomes snagged on or interfered by a potential obstruction, unexpected resistance could be added to the cable resulting in a dangerous situation for pilots. By using a Breakaway Connector that is spec’d to detach when an unsafe resistance level is reached the line would safely detach, resulting in the pilots and their passengers being removed from the unsafe situation.

Benefits of Working with a DCD Breakaway Product

Increased Safety: The use of one DCD Breakaway product can limit the possibility of the pilots and their passengers being put in an unsafe situation.

Durability: Due to DCD Design’s in-house manufacturing of its stainless steel breakaway connectors, the connector is able to withstand and resists long periods of contact with weathering elements.

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