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A mine is arguably one of the harshest environments on earth. Safety is a key issue in these mines, as is generating a rate of return from the huge initial investment required in the job. Heavy load detaching connectors are ideal when installing both work and internet cables in a mining location. In both cases, there is a concern of damage to the cables in this environment. Many machines operate off such cables, including roof bolters or shuttle cars. The high-powered machines strain Fiber lines, causing communication or power cables to tear. Not only is this damage costly, but also unsafe. Using a breakaway swivel during installation and setup minimizes risk for the mining industry.

Above-ground mining corporations have used DCD Breakaway Products to reduce the risk and cost of dragline rental. With the small cost to obtain a DCD Breakaway Swivel or Connector, contractors know they are secured in case of over-capacity. A Breakaway connector protects contractors against the liability for expensive repairs and machine downtime in case of an accident.

Benefits to the Mining Industry

Safety: Preserving power and communication cables during installation allows you to fix the problem quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get the service running sooner.

Cost Benefit: For the price of one Breakaway Connector and its aligning pins, you save costs of replacing or maintaining cables as well as the costs incurred from the downtime.

Diverse: DCD Breakaway Products have customizable breaking loads from 15lbs - 45,000 lbs. Choose the wires or pins that match the break load you require.

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