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The list continues of the diverse uses of DCD’s Breakaway Connectors. Our connectors have now been used by a team of Aerospace Engineers to aid in the launch process of their test rocket. The premise of the breakaway connector was to provide safety precautions for the team and equipment during the launch stage of the rocket. By calibrating the breakaway connector to detach when the rocket has reached necessary amount of thrust to propel skyward, you are able to help prevent the rocket from prematurely lifting off without having enough power to successfully reach and move beyond the launch and powered accent stages.

Benefits of Working with a DCD Breakaway Product

Increased Safety: As much as rockets are fascinating they are also considerably dangerous, with the necessary precautions in place this danger can be limited. As mentioned, the use of a DCD breakaway connector can help protect against a premature launch that may cause harm to persons in the immediate area.

Equipment Protection: A failed launch can be both expensive and time consuming, a DCD breakaway connector can help reduce having to replace and/or repair intricate equipment involved in the launch. This can ultimately help save you time and money.

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