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As part of the diverse nature of DCD Design’s breakaway products, we have been able supply and add extreme value to the exciting, fast paced, and growing entertainment industry. Associated with these thrilling feats are highly thought out and complex stunts that aim to pull the live audiences out of their seats, stunts that often require the precautionary inner workings of safety equipment. As part of an entertainment event on the Las Vegas Strip, rigging and equipment managers used DCD Design’s 00530 series Breakaway Connectors in the rigging of their safety netting as a precautionary measure to protect the netting from potentially damaging objects.

Benefits of Working with a DCD Breakaway Product

Diversity: Our series of Breakaway Connectors can be used in the many facets of theatre and other staging events. Whether it be in the rigging of the safety nets or the stage rigging lines, a DCD connector or swivel can provide a multitude of benefits.

Equipment Protection: When a fusible link is added to the inner workings of expensive equipment i.e. safety netting, the breakaway connector can prevent the piece of equipment from trying to resist forces and stresses that may be potentially causing damage.

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