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Breakaway Connectors: For those straight forward line pulls or installation of stationary cables where there will be minimal disruption to your equipment or rigging from the elements, but still the potential of overload or resistance, we suggest the use of our range of Breakaway Connector. Our unique breakaway connector design allows the user to adjust the appropriate breaking strength to fit the task at hand. Simply select the appropriate breakaway pin kit that will provide the means to set the desired breaking strength and install into the stainless steel manufactured connector.

Breakaway Swivels: For those jobs where the equipment may become twisted due to the complex circumstances, or when there’s an instance where you may want the line to be able to move freely, we recommend the use of our series of rotating connectors. Similar to the Breakaway Connector Series the swivel also uses pins to set the desired breaking strength, but provides a full 360 degree movement to the equipment being used.

For further details, please see our Breakaway product specs pages (Connectors & Swivels), video product demonstration page, or contact a DCD sales staff member.

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